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1. Syn: PENIS. 2. A large, floppy dong.
The individual in question was arrested for waving his diggler around during church.
by milton October 24, 2003
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Man or Boy who plays with his balls a lot. Or could also be just playing with some part of the anatomy way too much.
Paul Rubins is a diggler.
Matt is a butt diggler.
by yer mom March 28, 2003
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the act of diggling or a person who diggles with a complete stranger in a public place such as a streetcorner or even a MOVIE THEATRE.
Hey watch it diggler, you had better leave my AUSTRALIAN friend alone!

Did you see that guy diggling with dominic? Yeah he's the biggest diggler of ALL.
by mcribbbbb May 07, 2010
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One of those loser dirtbikers that own a 1980's model 2stroke wearing footy shorts and a flanno. They also are known to have a "fumpster" (thumpster) These fuckers ALWAYS LOVE to tell you that they know someone pro and they are best mates with them
"aw farkin do you know (*insert famous pro racer here*)?... yeah he's lives next to my aunty, we go way back"

..... fucking Diggler
by As it is April 01, 2010
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