Nickname for Brandon Dicamillo, Bam Margera's right hand man and funny man of the CKY crew and Viva la Bam cast.
by ar andom idiot June 21, 2005
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cute, sweet, adorable, lovable, tiny,
Karla saw a pup at the mall and said "aww dicoooo!"
by kcarvo May 25, 2021
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An extremely funny Twitter Man / Content Creator
"Hey, you should follow Dico on Twitter, he's really funny!"

"No, Cringe"
by HamMafiaFan October 24, 2020
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Dico knocked him out!
by October 10, 2020
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"Fac quod dico, non quod facio" is Latin for "do as I say, not as I do".

It is often recited in any 1 of the 30 bars in the House of Commons.
Binge-drinkers' brains have to work harder to feel empathy for other people in pain.

Cicero: "The more laws, the less justice."
Potbelly Hillbully: "Fac quod dico, non quod facio."
by Option 22 September 29, 2020
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