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the act of cleansing male genitalia after an entcounter with a skanky ass ho'. can include physical scrubing of the penis and balls, doctor's visits, and/or prolonged abstinence.
Mike slept with Chistine and you know that bitch is he's doing a dicktox.
by disaronno3 November 24, 2009
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also known as dick-tox, or dick detox, a dicktox is exactly what it sounds like: a detox from the dick. whether it's just getting some space from the men in your life or just hoppin' off the dick so that you can think clearly, a dicktox is necessary for any person who comes in contact with schlongs, or people with them.
lisa: so how are things with steven?
julia: pretty bomb actually, but i think i need a dicktox, all this hot bangin' is scrambling my a thoughts a lil'. i think i need a break so that i can think clearly.
by ericacaaa June 13, 2018
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