a phrase that means from the start, or off the jump.
“how much will this cost?” “$250, off the dick.”
by chanelish February 12, 2019
A word that can mean something great, or horrible. Ususlaly pertaining to something sexual.
Moody's Vagina IS OFF THE DICK!

Madden 08} IS OFF THE DICK!
by The Moodster December 22, 2007
any thing you could imagine. could be really bad or really good.
moody's tractor beam. (off the dick)
five on five football in the hotel room.
by ben the beast morrison November 1, 2007
When somebody all up in your business, just say "Off my dick!" Or when somebody's hating on you.
Girl: Eww, what you got on ?
Boy: Off my dick! Damn.
by bvtch_iball November 14, 2013
Crazy, extremely funny or eccentric. Someone showing extreme personality, quirkiness or slight retardation
Two friends are walking on the beach, they both walk past a monstrosity of a woman, her folds are beginning to rash and swelter in the heat, and her face is similar to a bull dog chewing on a wasp. One friend says to the other
"Bro, I haven't been laid in so long, I'd prob hit that"
The other friend turns to his counterpart, reels back slightly as he takes in what he has just heard says

"Farrrrrrk, your off your dick, that thing was like Jabba the Hut having a greasy pizza party in a sauna, Yuk"
by KroneTittle August 20, 2014
An expression used (mostly by males) to stop someone from getting uncomfortably close to them.
Friend: *walks closely beside you*
Person: Man, get off the dick!
by exoticpanda32 July 26, 2014
a derogatory way of asking someone to stop hounding you or continuously minding your business uninvited.
by Nizwiz July 7, 2008