someone who is being unreasonable and relates similarly to a jerk or "ass hole"
Yo dude stop being Mr. Dickson
by hunybunchesofoats June 2, 2011
When changing your baby boy and fecal matter has accumulated all over the penis.
I changed Joshua earlier, he had bad diarrhea and I exclaimed: "Damn you got a poopy dickson!"
by JefferiahtheMessiah February 9, 2021
Bob Dickson was created by the famous Arden that was being obnoxiously rude to his amazing sweet friend Emily. Bob was born on October of 2019. Unfortunately he died because he was too sexy..
Emily: *cries*
by Emily KhAn April 9, 2020
A Conrad Dickson is an asshole who makes many enemies but his friends adore him and love him for being a dick to everyone including them. A Conrad Dickson is a dick but with a charm that entrances friends into his social circles.
Jack is such a Conrad Dickson! He insults everyone but he is awesome! He's hard to love, but you can never hate him if you know him!
by Conrad Definition February 2, 2016
Shawn Dickson (noun)

- A really really really really really bundalenger male with a massive dongerlenger. He eats your cereal and refills your bowl with a load of cum straight out of the right buttcheek cleft. Enters your left atrium like nothing else.
Who is that moaning in the background?

Don't worry its just Harry Banerjee having a threesome with Shawn Dickson. He's got John McGinn up his left dildosack.
by Fefccjcjjdc April 29, 2022
Christopher Dickson is a very trustworthy person. He is a very good listener and never yells. He treats people with much respect and never wants anyone to be in trouble and he wants the best for people.
Guy 1: “Stop being a bitch, be a Christopher Dickson instead.”
by DICKSONHATER December 5, 2022
Being taken up Dickson Park, is to have your ring destroyed.
Jade : Mark took me up Dickson Park the other day, I bent over the bin and the next thing I know, my ring is in pieces.
by The Happy Munter October 23, 2018