He is the best man around. He can be an awesome friend, boyfriend or brother. He always cares for others and can cheer people up in a heartbeat. He loves making new friends and is very outgoing in whatever activity he is doing. He is very well-rounded, meaning musically talented while still being involved in sports and also finding time for friends. He tends to dress well and loves to suit up. His goals in life would be to impact someone one day or simply help others, like becoming a teacher. He is a great motivator and coach, like for running. He has the best eyes in the world that lighten up every time he smiles. His smile is also perfect and even his laugh is contagious. He also has a great sense of humor that everyone can relate to. If anyone ever meets an Arden, he will turn their life upside down and make them the happiest they have ever been.
Adeline: "Did you talk to that new kid, Arden?"
Gwyneth: "Yes! He is totally awesome!"
Adeline: "I know right! I feel like he will be legendary one day!"
Gwyneth: "Exactly! He could be the next Captain America!"
by scherbatsky December 17, 2013
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the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She always makes you happy, and lights up the room when she walks in. Everybody wants to be around arden. She is extremely thoughtful and caring even though she may have made a few mistakes in her life.
Guy 1:Dude who is that new girl? She is so hot!

Guy 2:O man i know what u mean i head her name was arden.
by thand3 April 1, 2011
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Arden is a village in Delaware founded in 1900 as a single tax Community by a Sculptor and Architect. According to the 2010 Census, the population of the village is 439. Arden is a close-knit community composed of mainly, ex-hippies. Marijuana has, and will be very prevalent throughout the Village. Illegal substances aside, Arden is a great place to grow up. There are many other kids your age and you build friendships that last a lifetime.
Hey were you able to go to the Arden Fair?

Ya I hung out at the gild, went to the music fest, then light up. It was the Best.

I know bro I went last year.
by thrapdfn September 24, 2013
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Arden is a super confident girl. Everyone loves to be around her. She's one of the most beautiful girls you will meet. Ardens will have no trouble making you laugh but can sometimes be abit annoying. Ardens can be musically talented or sporty. Ardens can have many talents. They light up the room when they walk in. Ardens truly care about people so be nice to them. If you are mean to an Arden, she will ignore it because she doesn't want to let go of your friendship but if you push her to far, she will let go because she knows that it's not worth caring about someone who doesn't care about her. Ardens loved to feel appreciated and worth something. Some can get taken advantedge of very easily if they are not careful. Ardens care to much about some people and they never want to let them go.
Person: that person is confident and much more! She looks like an Arden to me.
by Songster2003 January 5, 2015
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So indescribable. You can't live without her! She will help you no matter what. Neatest friend you'll ever have. So nice, classic, and original. She will achieve anything she sets her mind to.
Person: who's that awesome girl?
Person 2: oh. That's arden.
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A guy who tries way too hard at recreational sports and often plays dirty to win (almost as if he is in an Olympic event), ultimately defeating the purpose of a “recreational” sports event.
“For fuck sakes Arden, stop trying so hard, we’re just trying to have some fun and play some recreational tennis. No point in trying so hard, you’re not competing for anything”
by Bradley Martyn June 9, 2020
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The ugliest and meanest bitch you will ever meet. Don’t be fooled by her confident attitude, she probably hates herself and everyone around her. She’s a whore and a prude at the same time. Most Arden’s have deep set emotional issues which makes them impossible to deal with. The only good thing about having her around is so that people can laugh at her. Don’t ever trust one of these , they will try to ruin your life but probably end up failing miserably.
Oh my god.. did you hear Arden’s dad left her family!?

Can’t blame him dude, she’s a psycho bitch
by Telling Da Truth October 22, 2018
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