Underwear for people with a penis

(dick + knickers= dickers )
"Matt, stop leaving your dickers everywhere!"
by AnarchistOwl August 29, 2015
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A very rural Canadian way of saying you're drunk.
Lets go get dickered this week

Hey man you dickered yet
by Akumetsu May 08, 2011
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Synonym for drunk.

Experience can be enhanced by smoking a joint.
Hey Kyle lets get Turkey and the crew, then get dickered tonight! Weck will probably break the water fountain again and put a hole in Alexa's fridge! Then, we can go mess with carrot as he locks himself in his room and skypes!
by Sheriff69 November 23, 2012
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When you start arguing with someone while your cock is inside of them.
A guy is fucking his girl when she starts asking him whether or not he thinks her sister is hot. When he gives the wrong answer they begin dickering
by Dank Cthulhu January 01, 2015
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To draw penises all over. Usually done in high school or at parties.

See: dickorate
Dude, he's totally knocked out! Let's dickerate his face!
by Elija2 April 15, 2010
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a lapel pin shaped like a penis, worn by a gay homosexual butt fag male
Lyle looked thuper thpiffy last night, and did you see his dickeration on his new suit jacket.
by largessepopper September 11, 2008
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