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1. A zit found on ones penis(self explanatory)
2. A good name to call someone.
Dude I shaved my balls and got a dick zit!

You stupid dick zit, fuck you!
by K2Tanner November 25, 2007
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(n. slang) A pinkish pustulant eruption on the head of the penis resulting from genital warts. Literally, a zit that forms on the dick, dickzits are also found on surrounding parts of the slippery penile meatus and can be spread to women, thus becoming clitzits on the slimy vaginal pussy.
I've got so many dickzits, my cock looks like a PayDay. Wanna eat me?
by Robert E. Porter July 12, 2007
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a zit that one gets on thei penis
i cant come bowlin toda i haveto stay home and pop my dick zit
by skinhead March 26, 2003
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