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when one thinks and acts with their dick or vag.
"I hooked up with this chick last night."
"Are you interested?"
"No, it was just dick talk."
by j&mb3 May 12, 2010
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When a guy isn't that into a girl but she is really into him and the guy decides to disregard any rational thoughts such as how bitchy the girl is. Instead the guy just decides that she is hot and let's go. Disregarding rational thought and only thinking of sexual desires.
Josh: Gosh Tony, I thought you weren't that into her.
Tony: Yeah but she's hot. It's like my mind and my dick are playing a game of chess and my dick is winning. It's nothing but dick talk.
by Nononomomomiugiutdutrsyreuytvf November 24, 2013
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A phrase made famous by The Brilliant Idiots (Charlamagne da God and Andrew Schultz) via their weekly podcast of the same name. The phrase is exclaimed any time the subject of conversation changes to focus on one's penis or penises in general.
guy 1: I don't know how guys wear skinny jeans, they're so uncomfortable.

guy 2: well that's because we have bigger dicks than they do

guy 1: dick talk!

*conversation continues regarding penises*
by BatmanZoe August 05, 2014
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Dick Talk is a nonstandard form of American English used by some people. For example, instead of saying "Let's get out of this place!", one would say "Let's get out of this dick!" or instead of saying "What kind of car do you drive?" one would say "What kind of dick do you drive?"
Did you just here that dude call that other dude a pizza dick? That's the first time I've ever heard someone else speak Dick Talk.
by pshars July 15, 2006
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You: Hey baby what's shakin'?
Chick: ...
You: I got this package for ya.
Chick: Cut the dicktalk and let's bang already.
by eepman September 15, 2009
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