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Used to describe a females full, lush lips. In consideration of how it would feel to receive oral sex from her.
"She has nice dicklips."
by the devil made me do it February 22, 2003
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(masculine) 1) A man whose mouth is bigger than his dick. 2) One who exaggerates sexual exploitations, or lies about who he has had sex with.
e.g., John that dick lip motherfucker said he fucked three chicks last night. Classical "You dick lip motherfucker...shut the fuck up!"
by Roland_07 August 15, 2007
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The side effects of giving a man hard head. When, during the course of a blow job, the girl puts her lips under her teeth and bites down resulting, afterwards in swollen lips. Dick lips.
Dude, she gave me such awesome head, she had dick lips after.

My girlfriend has dick lips.
by shanbutt September 04, 2009
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When a person has lips that looked as if they have given head on numerous occasions. for some odd reason this turns a BOY on because it makes them think she gives good head.
See Jane run, See Jane suck... Look at Jane's dick lips.
by Rayne DM March 11, 2004
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A person who kissed someone who sucked dick.
Micheal got dick lips now. He kissed Jaden!!!
via giphy
by tatiballa November 07, 2016
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Dicklips is when someone gives another person a blow job and they have like the dick smell and taste on their lips.
Gave my bf a Bj, had dicklips for a while after
by sticks111 December 28, 2015
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