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1. A derogatory term referring to a person who is rude, pretentious, annoying or of low intelligence. Considered to be similar to, but more insulting than calling someone a dick. One whom is worse than a dick, and is therefore a whole bushel basket of cock, or an ornamental ribboned care package of penis that is decorated with baby's breath and glitter.

2. A situation that is considered to be adverse, difficult or unlucky.
1. That guy is a real dick basket.

2 a. I got fired today. Man, this is a dick basket if I have ever seen one.
2 b.Dude, I wouldn't do that. You might be opening up a dick basket with that one.
by Brian Callaghan October 12, 2007
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A person(s) who has commited a certain act of faggotry. Otherwise known as the kid you keep your pants buckled near.
Its funny how David scratches and flashes his pubic hair right in front of us, like he expects us to comment on how long it is. He's such a fucking dickbasket man.
by lolwank September 27, 2009
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1. (n) a plastic insert made for males use to protect their junk during sports or rough play.
"i need to put on my dick basket before i go to the gym."
by JulieRuinn January 16, 2009
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Dick basket is either a basket full of dicks or a basket made out of dicks, no one really knows all we know is that it's a funny insult.

The second way it can be used is a for a hoe suck as someone who always is dunking that their pussy is just a dick basket.
Guy 1: Ass sucker
Guy 2: Dick Basket
Guys 1: LOL

Guy 3: Tessa is such a dick basket
Guy 4: I know I heard she fucked two guys yesterday
by Alaskan_fuckboi April 16, 2017
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A womans many used vagina. With enough dicks in it to fill a basket.a HUGE SLUT.or a gay guy
Wow that whore is a huge dick basket.
by kingboi! January 17, 2009
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