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Beautiful girl she is funny, pretty, nice arsed, smart, and SINGLE!!

All the guys want her. Usually brown eyes, tall, thin and brown hair. Makes a great girlfriend and spectacular kisser!
Tom: That chic last night was so beautiful.
Dick: Was her name Kota?
Tom: How did you know?? Wtf
Dick: Kota is beautiful. Nuff said
by Soccer chic July 10, 2013
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A noob who can be found in Blogworld, #lk, or Last Knight forums. His habits include hunting monsters, general tomfoolery, and long walks on the beach.
Ross: NO WAI
by Ross The Lazy Guy July 12, 2008
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Kota is an insanely kind person who cares about everyone else before themselves. She is beautiful and loves everyone. She cries easily, whether happy or sad. She knows just how to make her friends feel better when they need someone. She is smart and has so many different talents its hard to keep track. She is an amazing person who has many ambissions and succeeds in all her goals. Everyine who meets her loves her because of her amazing pesonality. But don't make her mad or she will attack. If you come in contact with a Kota, keep her. You won't regret it.
Girl 1: Wow she was so nice!
Girl 2: Oh, did you catch her name?
Girl 1: No, but I bet it was 'Kota!
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A slutty asian college chick.

Shows up to most parties in lingerie.

Although she drinks exessively every night, she maintains a high GPA, has a good job, and still looks 15.
When an attention whore shows up to a party, if she is asian/drunk, she would be a Kota.
by asianrelation April 10, 2010
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Knights of the Alliance; A guild on Darkspear that once was a good guild but ruined by a old hag priest by the name of Zinthra.
KOTA is a shit hole of a guild because of Zinthra.
by I_Play_WoW_on_Darkspear April 13, 2009
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