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I knocked his dick in the dirt. (red necked)

That baseball hit him so hard, it put his dick in the dirt.
by ootsae May 14, 2005
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The act of driving one's penis, i.e. the baloney poney, deep into the anus of another.
While making love to his wife on their 30 anniversary, Brian thoughtfully surprised his wife by placing his dick in the dirt.
by Shawn Charleton May 24, 2013
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To knock someone out or fuck them up.
In Harold and Kumar: Escape to Guantanamo Bay, at the whorehouse in Texas, after "NPH" brands one of the whores, the the Madame goes to retrieve her shotgun and yells, "Time to put your dick in the dirt!"
by FancyDancy October 15, 2010
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When one is too high to function normally for a couple of hours.
Guy 1: "That Medicali medical bong really puts your dick in the dirt."
by GripposRus November 21, 2010
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A gathering of people, generally men, who talk incessantly about sports, sports scores, players stats, upcoming draft picks, coaches fired and hired, blahblah blah. Just never ending, mind numbing sports discussions that seem to rehash the same damn info over and over. A gaggle of guys talking the talk with their dicks dragging the dirt.
June: Who are all those guys in the break room? They're there everytime I go get coffee?

Martha: Just a bunch of dicks in the dirt- you know the rangers lost last night so that's a 2 hour discussion for them.
by Pamann February 25, 2012
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