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Being emotionally conflicted because of the lack of dick or sexual activity, can affect social and academic life.
I didnt bother doing my homework last night because of my dick depression.
by Sandy squarepants October 03, 2017
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When a female or male, goes a lengthy time without dick and starts to feel depressed without it.
I have such bad dick depression, it's not funny. I can't do this anymore
by Lovely definitions December 01, 2018
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A lack of emotional feelings/ reaktions to sexual stimuli in the penis due to oversaturation/ overconsuption of sensually stimulating images, materials, partners and or thoughts.
WoW hunny i alsow whant to have sex with you butt i tink i'm haveing som "Dick depression".

Are you haveing a "Dick depression"?

It seems to me i can't get you hard.

It happens to me to, some times i alsow get "Dick depression".
by Johan Sweden July 12, 2016
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