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Dick blind....a penis that doesn't care about looks weight or beauty. Penis blind to anything other than getting a nut usually a great wingman is dick blind
I wouldn't bang that chick cause she's nasty af....but my boy is dick blind he'll fuck her.
by Aryan Barbarian22 April 01, 2015
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When the dick is so big that the girl dosn't realize how ugly the guy is.
I saw that boy shes been fucking, she must be dickblind cause he fugly.
by TrapBenz August 14, 2016
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Benign condition in which the affected person (typically a locker room attendant who is "exposed" to hundreds of naked men every day) perceives male genitalia in a distorted way in that all penises start to look alike to him after a while regardless of size, shape, or any other distinguishing characteristic that a non-dick blind person would easily identify/differentiate
bill: Hey, Tony. You work for the Giants, right?
tony: Yup
bill: And you're in the locker room all the time?

tony: Every day
bill: Tell me something, okay? This may sound weird, but who has the biggest penis on the team?
tony: Huh? Beats me, man. I been dick blind for years. Everyone's all look the same to me now (including my own)
bill: Oh, really? I see. Bummer. Well, thanks anyway
tony: I can tell you who has the biggest ass on the team though!
by AcheNot October 20, 2017
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