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after an intense orgasm the prostate throbs along the corpus spongiosum (where the urine and semen pass through the uretha) and mimicking the uncontrollable muscle spasms of the diaphram during a hiccup, hence a diccup.
Oh my gawd girl, that so was good i have a bad case of the diccups.

If we keep going like this i will have diccups for sure.

Man, yo, the diccup is because it was solid sex.
by xvx-Ronin-Cory-xvx December 12, 2007
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When a male or female is performing fellatio on a male penis, causing him to ejaculate, the performer continues fellatio causing the recipient to have post-orgasm muscle spasms resulting in the involuntary flexing of the penis shaft multiple times.
"After I came in her mouth, she kept going and my penis was convulsing. Had the diccups."
by BarBqueY0teeth June 23, 2016
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The male version of a queef. Often noted by bladder cancer patients who must self-catheterize and irrigate their rebuilt bladders with water. If air is accidently injected into the bladder, it can make a small noise (similar to a fart) as it escapes through the tip of the penis.
About a minute after I cathed last night, I had a serious diccup.
by mad blad March 31, 2011
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Is a term used throughout wexford, particularly in the Enniscorthy region, and parts of dublin and waterford to a lesser extent. It basically means to get the ride or sex
Martin asked Bill today, "was there any chance of gettin the bit of diccup from that lady he met last night?"
by Bill Trout June 05, 2007
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