Don't fucking know

Not knowing something and upset that the person that is asking you is too lazy to look it up there selves

Chickenman1: What is the speed on that new AMD Proc?
Goatman: DFK you look it up
by Sethwm2 July 21, 2006
gurl tell me why ashanti text me like “you got a problem dfk” 🤣
by lmaosksksksk October 6, 2020
small group of males, who wish they had cars. adore c.u crew.
i'm a DFK member, i sit around drooling about a car i dont have, and i LOVEEEEEEEEE the c.u crew
DFK is Diha f Kerek, in Moroccan language. It's someone who's living a happy and fullfilled lif because he doesn't mind people's businesses.
Boy : Her outfit is weird..
Girl : why don't you DFK ?!!!
by Dad6paghetti February 17, 2022
by Woltan February 6, 2022