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Man, I was so dexed last night.
by alabaster December 14, 2004
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The act of beating your significant other for disrespecting you.
Girl: Boy I hate you on my momma I’ll slap yo ass

Guy: I wish you would, I dexed my last girl I’ll do the same to you
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by biasdagoat October 14, 2017
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a company who has become cut off/blacklisted/shunned by their supplier for their slanderous comments to a manufacturer
account manager "hey why do i lose orders for this customer?"
manager " oh they bitched to the manufacturer, they have been Dex'ed"
by dufix September 21, 2006
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an overwhelming feeling of stupidity one feels after realizing they have just been pranked.
He felt mighty dexed while looking out of his broken out hotel room window, gazing at the microwave and desk lamp in the lawn in which he had just thrown out.
by big_ups March 16, 2009
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