Characteristic walk of a person on a robo trip, marked by a choppy, rigid walk as a result of a decline in coordination and motor skills. Similar to a robot or someone doing the dance "the robot".
I can always tell when James is robo tripping because of that stupid Robo-Walk
by C-train May 4, 2004
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the way you walk while high on dxm.
it is noticed by the mechanical and robotic
like movements one makes while moving their
body on dxm. one can be described as a robotic
zombie. though they seem to have no balance they
or should i see "we" never really fall down unless
of course to much tussin is consumed.
"that tussin got me robo walkin hardcore, these woods are fuckin me up! i can barly walk throught this trail.
by ahhhh lsd June 24, 2006
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