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the amazing girl who has 33 pairs of spandex. that has her eyes set on that one guy who has his ways of pissing her off but at the same time making her really happy.
look at the girl over there
that girl is a real devynn.
yea she is. huh?
by four 28 fourteen May 11, 2014
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Devynn is the type of girl that doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. She knows how to make people laugh their asses and & knows how to talk to people no matter the situation. if you ever curve a Devynn, you’ll realize how much you just lost. She has great taste in music and knows how to dress.
boy 1: who is that? she’s beautiful!

boy 2: That’s Devynn!
boy 1: I need one of those.
by BaddBitchhh June 04, 2018
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