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The most beautiful girls in the whole entire world. Her amazing eyes will make you go off into a new world. She has the perfect body any man could ever ask for. One unique name different from most other girls. Girls named Devynne tend to be very loyal, trustworthy, friendly, and turn out to be some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Sometimes shy but once you get to know them then they will be a talkative person.
Devynne hot
by Devynne's Bestfriend July 15, 2010
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A very kinda loving girl who loves to have fun, pretty, blonde, short, nice body, can be mean on her harsh days or a loving sweet girl the other. Her relationships last awhile. Can be mean to her she'll be mean back. Take her advice she's usually very good about that.
That devynne is one cool chick.
by Brady lynn whitehead July 14, 2010
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