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This is the religion of deviousness, they support the site deviantART and believe art is the number one thing in life. The people who believe in this religion are generally friendly people with a highly helpful attitude.
The highest level in this religion is Deviousness, this is only gotten by some members of this religion, as you have to be a help and contributing person to Deviantism. Those who are of this level are sometimes worshipped, and always kind no matter what.

The leader of this religion is on mighty being that goes by a sole name of Fella, he is the mightest deviant of all, as he is the one, and only leader of deviantism.
No-one is quite sure of an example of this religion, as this it is one, supported by the tribe of the deviants. And not too much is known about them. The people of Deviantism are called deviants.
by Deviantism Researcher August 08, 2006
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