An Android from the game “Detroit: Become Human” that does what ever it wants to do. Non-Deviants follow their owner’s/boss’s orders, unless they are not there.
Connor became a deviant when he was mistreated.”
by My Pseudonym is here now. June 25, 2018
To stray from a standared, a principle, and to leave from an established course.
deviating especially from an accepted standard. 'Deviant' behavior.
by The Once and Future King August 27, 2003
A beautiful STRAIGHT man with a big dick and a kind heart. A deviant is usually one of the best people you can meet and they are never ugly.
"I want me a Deviant when I grow up!"
by Devianthegeeat July 12, 2018
A Kitten Stealer who adores his pet potatoes (also stolen)
by Arty August 24, 2003
the devil in human form

lord of all evil
by Mystical Parrot August 24, 2003
A superior thinker than a majority of the community. An individual who posseses the intellect to have other beliefs than social programming teaches us. Most deviants make a positive footprint on society, rather than the misconceived negative version. Deviants are simply individuals who differ in many aspects to the larger flock of society.
A deviant could include homosexuals and inventors etc.
by Realn March 2, 2006