A word referring to German people. It's pronounced "doitch," not "douche."
Slash: Hey can you drop me off at the bank douche?
Torch: Wtf I see how it is. Fine, go walk you douche.
Slash: Omfg i mean d-e-u-t-s-c-h.
Torch: Yeah, and deutsch you, too.
by The Mr Needles Experience September 25, 2006
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Did you see that guy what deutsch.
Justin Beiber is such a deutsch just look at his gy hair cut.
by not my real name i think May 24, 2012
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NOT Dutch!

Deutsch ~ The German word for German.
As in "Ich Spreche Deutsch" - "I speak German".
"Ich bin Deutsch" - I am German.

Dutch ~ English word refering to things or people from the Netherlands.

"He's Dutch" - "He's from the Netherlands"
Dutchman: Kijk die Duitser daar!(Check that German over there!)
Foreigner: Dude, are you speaking Deutsch?
Dutchman: WTF! I'm Dutch not Deutsch!

German: ...Deutsch?! :D
Foreigner: *confused*
by PearTreeNomNom January 18, 2011
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When someone famous like Donny Deutsch invites you to be a guest on their broadcast media show (radio or television).
Dude, I just got Deutsched! I will be on CNBC Saturday night at 8 bro!
by tim stephens February 20, 2009
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To "deutsch" somebody. To pretend you don't understand the meaning of what is said. Especially regarding a funny remark.
Once you have been deutsched, you realize that Germans do have a sense of humor – but the joke is on you.
Man, I told the BEST joke at the party last night, but this guy totally deutsched me.
Next time she asks me anything, I'm so gonna deutsch her.
by davetrap April 16, 2019
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a person whom people view as a God of Germany because of their obsession with the German language and culture.
by by:Shema Deutsch's worshipper October 09, 2018
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