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Awesome rock band from chicago, really cool, awesome/clever lyrics!
If I could paint how I feel
I'd draw a bullseye on your forehead
My anger's not misdirected
unless it somehow misses you

Is there a god tonight
up in the sky
or is it empty, just like me?
by pleepa October 19, 2004
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1) Incorrect spelling of Deutsch. Deutsch means "German" in German.

2) Incorrect spelling of Dutch. Usually a typo.

3) That person in those TV commercials (Her name is Roni Deutch) that says she'll get rid of your tax debt for "Only $20! $20!!!"
1) Misinformed people spell the word as "Deutch."

2) Those shoes look so Deutch.

3) "Hi, I'm Roni Deutch, and I'll settle your tax problems for only twenty dollars. TWENTY DOLLARS!!!"
by Pleepa May 11, 2005
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