1. A very large Buick from the mid-70's that can be pimped out like no other.

2. Specifically, a Buick Electra 225.

3. In modern times, used to describe anything that contains the number 225.
1. I put some Eighteens on my '76 Deuce and a Quarter and she's been proppa-pimp ever since.

2. Forget about a '76 Caddy with a five hundred, I've got a Deuce and a Quarter wit a fo fiddy fi.

3. Wow! That bass boat went screaming by. Must have had a deuce and a quarter on the back.
by ButtFuzz June 17, 2003
I rep that deuce and a quarter.
When are we gonna bounce out the deuce and a quarter and roll to the 504?
by Mr.Chainsaw October 29, 2008
The Old-School definition refers to the classic Buick Electra 225, a sports yaht on wheels.

More modernly however, Deuce and a Quarter is a general term for a Land Yaht with a curb weight of roughy 2 1/4 tons.
Deuce and a Quarter
Notable Exaples:

Cadillac Fleetwood

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln MK V

Mercury Grand Marquis
by Xg-Raven August 8, 2007
A classic Buick Electra equipped with the legendary 225ci v6.
Hey man did you see Dave's new deuce and a quarter?

No. Where the hell does he find all these fucking Buicks at?
by 3decadestoolate July 15, 2012
A large girl, that is still attractive after 2 or so beers
YO Did you see that chick over there, she's a deuce an-a quarter!!
-Yeah but I'd hit!!
by Teddy Ted June 23, 2006