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my bessst friend and a beautify lightskin curly haired girl who is amazing beautiful smart strong and loyal as hell tall and very special if you are frineds with a destini keep her also she gets angry when you call her short even if she is 5'5 she is young and tall for no reason but she is a cute little bangana keep her as a friend or what ever
destini is so amazing
i found a destini
by little_squish July 25, 2018
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A beautiful sexy girl who everyone loves and wants to be around. Sometimes wanna-be-whores make up shit about her because they are jealous they aren't as beautiful as Destini. Every guy wants to be with her and call her his.
Guy 1: "Damn I want to ask Destini out"
Guy 2: "Dude she's way out of your league"
Guy 1: "You just want her all for yourself!"
by Unitedairforce1 December 30, 2009
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a magical romantic poet philanderer of hearts, wooing women and men alike, with her ability to sense when her lover will be troubled in the future and provide them with love notes and notice their subtle haircuts.
Girl 1 finds a note from someone in her car saying, "I love you", knowing that is just to brighten her day she cries out: "Wow, my kind friend is such a Destini."
by EnglishExpert2013 October 05, 2012
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A girl who looks good but, is horny af and likes all genders. And she will rape you and she is a horse. So watch out when you see a Destini.
Aliyah: Destini said she going to rape me.
Jordan: Oh no.
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by Jay_Link December 15, 2017
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Ugly asss black bitch who smells of corn chips. Don't base listens to r&b when sad wants a man who is clean but can't get one. Because u always whoreing out. Sometimes Kool but no one one wants to be around as long as ur around. Manly talked about by white folks. Black folks to scared
Point. Blank. PERIODT.
"o my gosh, Britney destinis so Damen ugly,but don't tell mom"
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by Blah_bla_blahh... December 08, 2018
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