A town in southern New Hampshire filled with band geeks that think theyre cool. Macks Apple owns 300 percent of the town. Largest population of zebras in the United States. Name originated from the city of Londonderry, Japan. African American percentile is around negative 20 percent as stated in the 2003 census. The basement of the local library is a breeding ground for flaming robot nazis. Pockets of radiation have lead to the mutation of locals giving them supernatural abilities including but not limited to: faster growing fingernails, glowing eyes, and flaming cocks.
I cant wait to leave londonderry and move to a REAL town
by Coach Rich October 7, 2009
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Fictional term used to refer to Derry a city in county Derry, Ulster, Ireland.
Lets march around the walls of Londonderry.
by Adrian December 10, 2003
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A fictional place located in Ulster. Huns / prods call it Londonderry even though pretty much every where else apart from Britain knows it as Derry. The city is nowadays mostly a republican area and most huns are leaving
Paul : ay I went on a trip to a wee place called Londonderry
Seamus : *crackling his knuckles* where’s Londonderry? All I heard of was Derry
by ThePEhall March 21, 2020
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A very dirty town in southern New Hampshire. It is known to smell of skunks.
I traveled through Londonderry yesterday, and had to shower twice to get the stink off.
by CDiddy420 July 19, 2009
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A town in Rockingham County, southern New Hampshire which is 40% apple orchards, 40% rich neighborhoods that try to copy neighboring Windham, 10% middle to lower-middle class neighborhood,s and 10% ugly strip malls. VERY close to ghettos Salem, Manchester, and Nashua so it's not surprising that lots of drugs find their way into the bedrooms of Londonderry teens.

Yes the stereotype that all Windham kids view Londonderry kids as pseudo-rich is true.
Londonderry kid: Wanna hang out?

Windham kid: No, I need to get new gas for my boat and test out my new four-wheeler.

Londonderry kid: That's okay. At least I can get high at Max Apples.
by 603explorer October 17, 2010
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It is town in Northern Ireland. Many people like to address Londonderry as Derry, which is bizarre and delusional because they cannot get over the fact that LONDONderry is part of the United Kingdom (forever and ever), NOT Republic of Ireland. The British Monarchy will reign over Londonderry for the next 1,000 years and more. Long live Queen Elizabeth II. So hands off, Irish and Nationalists! Go and get a life of your own and stay off British soil!
A: May I know the way to Derry, Ireland?
B: You fool! There is no such thing as Derry in Ireland, only Londonderry in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
A: I'm so sorry. I am just a ignorant imbecile who should have know better than to make a fool of myself than to use that embarrassing and foolish term.
B: I forgive you, and most importantly, the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland forgives you too.
by Londonderry July 15, 2012
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