A Meth And crime Fuelled Fishing Town on West Australian COAST..
People who live in this beautiful windy shithole are called "Geraldtions"
People will go to great extent to steal your ciggie bumpers (butts) right off your front verandah..home owners would be lucky if they leave the ashtray!!

Most Things people whinge about is ...
Geraldton is the wind capital .
by Not Your Bitch 6530 June 11, 2019
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Shitty little town on the westcoast of Australia. Full of snobs and stink wrinkle people. Good climate, very windy (good for windsurfing).
Geraldton is a shithole but the weather is good.
by superman's other persona March 13, 2011
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The Geraldton Special is not so much a sexual act but a behaviour.

You meet a girl/boy who will let you face fuck, choke, spit, slap and penetrate in every and all holes forcefully.

Also Includes rimming and face sitting, most common boy on girl I.e. Boy sits on girls face

Always ends in an Anal Creampie and possible black eye.

Originates in Geraldton, WA but not limited too.
"Picked up this girl last night, gave me the Geraldton Special"
by Gerry Ton January 2, 2017
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