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corey worthington (aka delaney) is the greatest aussie icon to be named.
threw a massive party, which a whole lot of people showed up too.
got blamed for what happened even though the cops kept him inside and now is internationally famous.

australians should be proud to have someone in their country who has the guts to stand up to some fugly bitch who got her knickers in a knot just coz he was wearing his imfamous sunglasses.

quite attractive and 17 years of age,
he is no longer living at home and recently entered the Big Brother house as a "house guest".

he is great entertainment and has some of the best fashion sense around. bleach blond hair, yellow sunnies, hoodies nad a cap corey is rocking the scene like a hardcore party kid should.
person 1: "yo, dude check that guy out isn't he corey delaney?"
person2: "yea dude, oi corey man sick party"
corey: "actually it's corey worthington, but yea it was fucking awesome. if anyone asked you didn't se me here though alright. i'm running from my parents"
by sceneitbaby May 15, 2008
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Corey is possibly one of the world's biggest wankers and most publicised bogan to date.The infamous Australian kid with bleached "piss yellow" hair received media attention for a party he probably shouldn't have had.

The under aged loser has become the poster boy for adolescent wankers, and is either idolised for his shenanigans or hated.In an attempt to mask his fuglyface,Corey wears a trademark cap and overly retarded large sunglasses (similar to that of big bird's) and is most commonly seen shirtless.

Despite his resemblance to that of a roast chicken carcass, Corey is worshipped by many young teens.Corey maintains his dominance in media spotlight due to the poor/ lack of content of which the Australian media broadcasts.
Corey has also recently butchered a Beastie Boys classic, fight for your right (to party!), adding yet another heinous cover to the pile of shit that is pop music.

Corey will also be entering the Australian Big Brother house as in Intruder during the 2008 season which is obviously an attempt to revive a show which should have died around 5 years ago.

Corey Worthington is now commonly used as an expression to label try hard teens/wiggas/wankers/wannabees and bogans.

person 1:"Omg... look at that dude with the homie pants and the sunglasses... what a loser!"
person 2: "He's such a Corey Worthington!!!"

"Corey Worthington is a disgrace to all youth, and should be treated like the 3 year old he acts like"

"Corey Worthington is possibly the world's biggest wanker"

"Corey Worthington is a bogan!!!"
by Pikachuuu May 01, 2008
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