An extremely attractive man with a really nice ass. He doesn't see the potential he has. He's cute, funny, and very intuitive. Sometimes he can be considered a loner or shy but its just because he has a hard time getting to know people. He is talented and plays guitar like a god. He could do anything if he just had the confidence to do so.
Friend 1: I just can't do this its too hard! Everybody else can do it, I'm just not good enough to do it.

Friend 2: You can do it! Stop being a Derik and have some confidence!
by rumpry October 16, 2010
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a very sexy man, usually with black curly hair. the best types of deriks are the ones you meet at a disco!
"wow maisie have you seen derik over there?!"
"yes ruby he is a great dancer"
by brayjeant March 26, 2017
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A pussy who loves to use the word nigger. (just about the only word he uses to try and offend you with)

Someone that claims to have a bigger you know what than he really does

Someone who has really greasy hair
Did you just see that derik? His hair is so raunchy.

Once I saw his you know what and realized it wasn't as big as he said, i thought "What a derik"

by pd[ajp March 26, 2009
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A person who has a strong self belief in being a Fortnite God but is actually not. En route to solo victories this player will hide in bushes for the majority of the match and finish with one kill while claiming they never saw anyone and when they did they killed them. In duo and squad this player excels at being carried by his team, hijacking unearned loot, and only being able to get kills with a scar.

If you ever are wondering where you can find him when he is on your team just glance quickly directly behind you. He will be using you as a human shield blocking your way out of a hairy situation. If not right on your ass he can be found miles away looking for a scar because that's more important.
Outside of fortnite this person will have a dry bumble and a tinder filled with ugly chicks... and dudes.
Player 1: Wow. There he goes pulling a Derik again.
Player 2: Is he hiding in a bush or searching for a scar?
Player 3: I miss teamkilling.
by Black Rob February 13, 2018
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An amazing friend is utterly hilarious and send explicit pictures to dudes
Wow I need a derik
by Nati&derik November 03, 2017
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