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when she drops her ass lower than Skrillex's bass.
Jordan: damn!, did you see Lydia twerk last night?! dat ass drop was dope!
Bill: yeah son, she dropped it harder than algebra!
by banana panzy fucker December 31, 2013
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A term used to suggest sexual intercourse between two individuals, where one of the persons involved (for instance a female), bounces the rear on the partners penis, or as the case may be.
She seems like a sweet girl but I'm shy to talk to her, not to talk of making her ass drop.
by ShadowMc0001 March 07, 2018
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To air drop a picture of an ass to a stranger.
While at a bar, Megan ass dropped Chris’s ass to someone nearby. He accepted the air drop thinking it was a woman’s ass and their friend yelled “I think that is a man butt”.

Gina ass dropped the friend a picture of her ass, who yelled “now that is an ass”.
by 2 Time May 21, 2019
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