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Denzell is the kind of guy that everyone gravitates towards because he has he ability to make anyone feel comfortable around him. He's so welcoming, is very possibly into gaming and or sports, and is an all around great friend. Sometimes he acts like a real tough guy, but when you really get to know him you realize he's a giant softie (in a good way). He's more of a show not tell kinda guy so pay attention to the little things e.g. The things he says/ the effort he spends on the things he gives you because those really show how he truly feels.
Denzell is a great person all around and deserves all the hugs and love the world can offer.
Denzell is so adorable!!!
by Squashballs December 26, 2017
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Denzell is a lot wiser than he lets on, and is the humblest and sweetest soul you'll ever meet
"can you help me with this?"
"yeah no problem"
"oh you're such a denzell"
by Squashballs December 27, 2017
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