The most genuine guy ever. The most physically attractive boy to ever exist. A boy who has the most amazingly composed face ever. Small, sexy eyes and a big nose that fits perfectly on his face. He has the most kissable lips in the world and beautiful teeth. He's physically strong and has a sexy body. He also has the most perfect personality. He's adventurous and always up for anything. He's super intelligent and not to mention super cute. He's caring and sweet. He's unique in every single way. He's a weirdo. However he's the most pulchritudinous person to roam this Earth. He's passionate about cooking and musically talented. He's a quick learner and a fast thinker. He's very understanding and will always put you first. He is perfect. If you ever have Ayad in your life then you are the luckiest girl in the world. Nothing can compare to this boy because he's just the most amazing guy ever.
I am in love with Ayad.
by Lampshade July 08, 2014
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Ayad is a chubby bunny he is a good friend but leaves you for his girlfriend he is a basketball god most of the time he likes a girl called laziza and he is packing underneath
Ayad is the best
by Ayad101024laziza October 28, 2020
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Arab girl very annoying human totally don't know her. will probably steal your food and she has a terrible taste in guys.
farida: gimme ur foooddd bitch!!!
human: oh my god its farida Ayad run!
by pepperbish February 03, 2020
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