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The instant in which a man realizes he is going to have a premature ejaculation and decides to pull out and give cunnilingus so that his partner does not realize his lack of stamina.
During sex, Joe demossed so that Tracy would not realize he was lousy at sex.
by GetJenj August 15, 2009
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A person with a large ego, someone who thinks of themselves as perfect or god-like, and to be good at anything such as being funny, attractive, or just plain cool

This person is a huge douche, being so egotistical, and is prone to making fun of the mentally handicapped or uttering the phrase: "You have NOOOOOOO friends!!!" to any and all people which it dislikes
1."How was the party last night jack?"

"It was fun until some guy showed up and started being a huge demoss."

2. "I used to think he was cool until i found out that he was a demoss..."
by Papasacs September 28, 2011
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