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Having an intense sex appeal or outstanding quality
1. -"Who is that guy over there?!"

-"No clue, but he sure does have some sachs on him."

2. -"Damn dude, that guys has got some serious sachs goin!"
by Papasacs September 29, 2011
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A person with a large ego, someone who thinks of themselves as perfect or god-like, and to be good at anything such as being funny, attractive, or just plain cool

This person is a huge douche, being so egotistical, and is prone to making fun of the mentally handicapped or uttering the phrase: "You have NOOOOOOO friends!!!" to any and all people which it dislikes
1."How was the party last night jack?"

"It was fun until some guy showed up and started being a huge demoss."

2. "I used to think he was cool until i found out that he was a demoss..."
by Papasacs September 28, 2011
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