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a person who seeks out avenues of anarchic lawlessness in musical and artistic expression because it is the only time they feel truly free (esp. those in a lower socioeconomic class) but is constantly encountering opposition from others within the creative community for not abiding by certain outdated puritanical principles.

this inherently absurd social contradiction causes the person to delete regularly all previously held assumptions & resentments, all futile attempts to feel security, all associations to false petty friends who undermined the person's outlet for expression, and all formerly trusted companions whose attempts to control, manipulate, harm or impregnate you have been exposed.
"constantly, and with a repeated sense of compassion and forgiveness, i am a deletist; overcoming any fear of letting go, thereby erasing all judgements and projections put upon me by others or by myself and possibly avoiding breast cancer."
by bitterpie March 07, 2013
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One who uses Social Media, such as FB, Twitter, etc, to cause ill will, or otherwise "stir the pot" toward an issue, or a person, with false information--allowing enough time to plant doubt, or end friendships...then quickly deleting his/her posts, in a series of post-delete-repost sequences...designed to hurt a particular person, and/or, their reputation.

This type of "Deletist" is both cowardly, and dangerous--loyal only to himself. Anyone that 'crosses him/her', will be subjected to his campaign of lies and deletions.
The Deletist will come out from under his rock only long enough to hurl lies about his perceived enemy, leaving the post only long enough to gain attention, then delete, and run back under his rock....mocking the 'fools' that believe his lies.
by Yabba_Dabba_Do January 02, 2013
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A person (most commonly an administrator of a site) who likes to delete other people's posts. It's not always warranted deletions, but sometimes they're deleted because they don't follow some set of lame guidelines that has no relevance to the real world, but always gives the deletist a reason to erase facts and interesting comments for his own pleasure. These people are most frequently found on sites like wikipedia.
"That annoying deletist has yet again deleted my repeated attempts to add information for wikifascism on wikipedia!"
by Mr.Blister September 21, 2007
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Someone who habitually deletes anything they can, automatically.
"Hey, did you get me last email"?
"Nah dude, it went right into the trash folder. Don't you know I am a deletist?".
by steve freund September 21, 2007
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A person who deletes their own, usually opinionated, Facebook posts, so that they can fix inaccuracies, spelling and grammatical errors, etc. within them, and then reposts them, so that he or she will appear to be more intelligent or enlightened than everyone else. This used to be known as "editing".
I spent 45 minutes removing, rewriting, and reposting my political rant on Steve's FB Wall, cz I'm such a deletist.
by MoeFaux April 03, 2012
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