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One who uses Social Media, such as FB, Twitter, etc, to cause ill will, or otherwise "stir the pot" toward an issue, or a person, with false information--allowing enough time to plant doubt, or end friendships...then quickly deleting his/her posts, in a series of post-delete-repost sequences...designed to hurt a particular person, and/or, their reputation.

This type of "Deletist" is both cowardly, and dangerous--loyal only to himself. Anyone that 'crosses him/her', will be subjected to his campaign of lies and deletions.
The Deletist will come out from under his rock only long enough to hurl lies about his perceived enemy, leaving the post only long enough to gain attention, then delete, and run back under his rock....mocking the 'fools' that believe his lies.
by Yabba_Dabba_Do January 02, 2013

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