When a high quality meme is screen shot, reposted and re-filtered so many times over that it has a yellowish, low quality resolution and looks like it was deep fried.
Guy: "Man, go like that meme I posted."
Guy 2: "Nah man, that shit a deep fried meme, I like my memes fresh."
by Memegod420 November 22, 2016
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when a meme is screenshotted and refiltered so many times that it gives the appearance of being deep fried . many deep fried memes style the B emoji , laugh emoji , 100 emoji , lit emoji and more . many deep fried meme such as Hey Beter , sad nibba hours , spell i-cup and colgate are very popular
normie kid : Hey jonathan check out my new relatable meme on insta

jonathan: nah i like my memes deep fried

normie kid : whaaat ?
jonathan: you know a deep fried meme where its refiltered and looks like its deep fried
by guy 7 787878w March 20, 2018
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Person 1: Hey check out this meme *shows phone*
Person 2: Why's it so distorted?
Person 1: You've never seen deep fried memes before? What a normie.
by Reggie the edgy veggie May 7, 2018
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Any regular meme or photo that has the saturation, contrast, noise, and brightness jacked to a stupendous level.
Not a hard concept to grasp, just the word meme with deep-fried in front of it. Deep-fried + meme = deep-fried meme.
by LegitBreadstix May 6, 2019
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“Some people say making regular memes into deep fried memes is not a real job. I disagree.”
by áutechre August 7, 2018
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A deep fried meme is when there is an image that had heat theme colors added to it's original colors . Sometimes people think that these are the best memes on the planet. The most popular ones are probably the "E" meme which has Markiplier's face photo shopped and has added the deep fried texture with the letter E at the bottom of the meme. It's funny to see that our brains think that it's funny, but in reality it's just a heat themed, edited photo that sometimes has text ...
"Hey dude, wanna search through memes?"
"Of course!"
"Hey, look at this Deep Fried Meme, pretty funny for an image."
by Smuddy the Maine Coon May 17, 2020
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