A very common typo for “you”, than a lot of people (mostly emma) cannot stop saying.
“I love ypu” Emma said to Thanos 3.0
by emmalovesuglyboy February 19, 2021
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A typo commonly used for no purpose.
Ypu are a great freind!
by Hehe😏 October 17, 2020
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A word invented by owner of the show, "Backstab with Boria", a non respected Gangu's pet BRAia majnudar
Ypu are good.
by Wforhumanity February 21, 2022
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Common typo used by beta bitch boria.
Gand lully (after receiving rim job from boria): Did you threaten any new cricketers today?
Boria: Yes Supreme Leader, as ypu requested, saha has been warned
by Icc_cricket February 21, 2022
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When someone is touch typing or typing faster than they usually would and mis-type the word "you"
so wot are ypu up to?
by zako1212 July 13, 2006
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When spelling youtube, but not. Most ends by association. Others find the video.
oh gosh, look at this video! I found it while typing YPU.
by UGGITY October 27, 2018
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This isn't something ypu should've done
by _mussskan_ February 21, 2022
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