To make something deader, you must first kill it, then kill it a second time (and maybe a third time, just to be on the safe side)
I killed Shmouze, and to make sure he didn't come back as a zombie, I made him deader.
by CartlidgeIsGay December 31, 2009
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A person who claims they skate and brings it up whenever it fits in the conversation but hasn't skated for a long period of time, usually years.
They own a skateboard but rarely use it or don't put effort into riding/learning tricks, yet tell others that they're a skater.
skater girl: dude i'm so tired of serena bragging about skateboarding, its like own of her personality traits but every time we invite her she has an excuse

skater boy: seriously i've never even seen her do an ollie, i bet she's a deader.
by noshitserene April 9, 2021
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A text message in which the person who receives it can no longer continue the conversation without saying something awkward or out-of-place.
Josh: I was macking on Joy last night.
Ben: Word? How did it go?
Josh: Wack. She sent me a deader.
Ben: That sucks, what a bitch.
by D-Bllock May 27, 2009
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being more dead.
Kimmy is deader than martin. :)
by Kimmychuuuuu June 16, 2012
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