ddb stands for deaf, dumb, blind.

It is my acronym that I created over 15 years ago.

A homage to Pink Floyd and The Who.
by ddbEntertainment September 9, 2004
Dumb-dumb bitch, in other words, a very, very stupid girl or woman. A.K.A. "Double-D to the B."
Look at that ddb... I spat on her, now she thinks it's going to rain.
by Alcatraz749 March 31, 2007
dozy daft bastard

this is david burrell's nick name as full name is
david denis burrell

he is a genetic hy-brid of mr bean and norman wisdom
DDB has screwed it up again
by jay February 11, 2004
A doo doo butt. Also used to describe something difficult.
"Man, that test was a ddb."
by LOLOLOLALLENLOLOL November 2, 2007
"dinky dick baer"... an exclamation used to show that someone has a small penis
ddb! ddb! ddb!
by phegs November 25, 2003
Stands For: Dumb Drunk Bitch. A girl who yells, screams, and is downright annoying at parties. Also, someone who steals your brew, and has 3 beers in her hand and puts 10 in her bag for sometime later in the next couple of days and who does not pay for the brew.
Wow, Tracy was a such a DDB last night. I hate her now because she stole our brew last night and did not pay. She was also screaming last night for no apparent reason and was really fucking annoying.
by PleaseDONTbeaDDB!! July 8, 2010
Drop Dead Beautiful....

when a person is jaw-dropping, breathtakingly fine and attractive
She was mighty fine
No...she was DDB
by neowright November 25, 2017