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ddb stands for deaf, dumb, blind.

It is my acronym that I created over 15 years ago.

A homage to Pink Floyd and The Who.
by ddbEntertainment September 08, 2004
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Stands For: Dumb Drunk Bitch. A girl who yells, screams, and is downright annoying at parties. Also, someone who steals your brew, and has 3 beers in her hand and puts 10 in her bag for sometime later in the next couple of days and who does not pay for the brew.
Wow, Tracy was a such a DDB last night. I hate her now because she stole our brew last night and did not pay. She was also screaming last night for no apparent reason and was really fucking annoying.
by PleaseDONTbeaDDB!! July 07, 2010
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Designated Drunk Bitch, the most obnoxiously drunk person at a party (and theres always one, trust me)
"Yo did you see that biddy last night?!"
"Yeah such a DDB! Shes gotta learn to keep her shit together instead of gettin so drunk and hittin on everyone"

"Antony is such the official DDB, but im sure Tareks stolen that titles a few times "
by piute24 October 31, 2011
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(D)aily (D)ose of (B)ooty. Every person needs a certain amount of ass in their day. Possible side effects of DDB deficiency are, headaches, chest aches, stroke, organ failure, and death. DDB deficiency is often seen in one gender schools, prisons, and in other places with little social interaction. DDB supplements are available at certain location, and clubs.
A pimp named Slick-back always made sure to have his DDB every Morning and Night.
by Cornymac March 27, 2016
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"Dance Da Bottle"

A very cool game drinking game inwich a group of friend dance around a bottle... if the bottle is knocked over the one who tiped it must drink the bottle. He/She then must put 2 more bottles on the dance floor.
"Duuuuudeee, i feel like dancing!"

"Nahhh duuudee, i wanna drink to night!"

"Alright lets play DDB
by Evan and Sam February 26, 2008
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Person 1: Hey, you know that girl Jules?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: She's a total DDB!
Person 2: TOTALLY!
by Gillymuffins April 25, 2009
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An acronym standing for Dem Diverse Boys. Its a gang that originated in Austin and is growing rapidly, spreading to many states in the south.
did you hear about that poor woman that got robbed, I heard it was DDB.
by W3T D April 06, 2011
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