short for Divide & Conquer, one of the favorite method of cruel, heartless, jaded people.
friend 1 : can't you see what they are doing? they are trying to D-C us!
friend 2 : wow, you're so right! let's stick together and fight!
by 3eggs January 30, 2009
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acting without any physical or mental co-ordination
oh what a dc throw
to chuck a dc
by jonske April 20, 2003
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Dumb Cunt. A person who makes basic errors and is easily confused or very gullible, and is a countless repeat offender.
Mark "Tomo just called and is bailing on Davo's bucks weekend"
Tim "What a DC"
by timvstim January 04, 2017
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an out of control con with wild fingers. may resemble a cobra. also brags about penis size.
by Pat Barton November 25, 2003
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A straight man.
As opposed to a gay guy who gives and takes (AC)
Man 1: You want your dick sucked?

Man 2: No thanks, I'm strictly DC.
by Davey Mac March 29, 2005
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