Dirty Brown Girl
Its when a brown girl is dirty in any sense such as doesn't maintain good hygiene, or is dirty in a sexual way, or any other application of dirty.
Wow you haven't taken a shower in two weeks? you are a DBG!
by fraudpsychic August 17, 2014
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"Don't Be Gay"

When guys are having a good ol' time, and they get a little closer than the other person wants, just say "DBG"

Many of the persons actions may be caused from happiness that the other did for them.
"Woah!, there buddy, that's a little too close there, man!!" said Scott, as Chris hugged him.
Scott then yells, " D.B.G." as cry for help or a sign that the other person is being a little too gay for comfort.
by Matt Kane November 04, 2005
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Acronym for Damn Baby Girl.

When you're with your friends and you see a hot girl and you want to be stealth, simply alarm your friends by saying DBG.
John - Dude, DBG!
Mike - I can see that.
by squirellynutts January 02, 2010
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DBG is short for "Dumb Business Guy" which is a term used by computer programmers to describe their, bosses, managers, team leaders, co-coordinators or project managers. They use this term because as programmers they have absolutely no idea how the business works or what the need to be done to make sure there is work for them to do each day. They assume the "Suits" just have meeting, send emails and go out for lunch all day.
Programmer: What are the DBG's doing today?
Co-Worker: Probably a meeting, then lunch, send a few emails, another meeting, then call it a day.
by AlwaysThatGuy September 22, 2011
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Stands for a dumb bitch girl. Someone who is stuck up and can't get the stick out of her ass
Ugh, DBG just got here, time to go hide in the garage and smoke!
by rayne123 January 19, 2011
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