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Bernice is a person one of those girls you will always think about. If a Bernice asks you out, you're the luckiest person on Earth. Bernice's are beautiful, majestic, and really nice. They are often fun to be around and artistic. Note, most Bernice's know how to sing well.
"Bruh, get you a Bernice!"
"I'm so excited! Bernice asked me out!"

"Bernice is so beautiful, I wish she was my lover."
by theberhouse88 April 08, 2017
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Bernice is a beautiful, funny, nice, and smart person that will make you melt. She usually has dark skin and black hair. She would never hurt a fly unless you mess with her friends. She will stand up for you and turn your day from dark to sunny. You will never know as nice of a person as a Bernice. Wants youโ€™ve hooked her in you can never let her go.
Your as beautiful as a Bernice
by Special_Chicken_Nugget February 13, 2018
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A gender neutral name that means 'Bringer of Victory'
"Man Bernice is so good at everything they always win.."
by Pupper Lord July 27, 2016
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A really amazing person (gender neutral name) who has a more complex personality than they let on.
Most people hate them because they're jealous.
They are usually easily insulted because they are very sensitive people.
They hide behind a confident exterior but inside they are very secretive and have really bad trust issues.
They are often one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet but you have to give them a chance to warm up to you.
Probably a bookworm.
"Wow, Bernice sure is confident"!
"Why can't I do public speaking like Bernice can?"
"Bernice is like, really, secretive, I wonder what's she's hiding"
by SarcasticLesbian March 30, 2017
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Means ''bringer of victory''
a creative person,and mostly a pushover.
pretty with small imperfections.childish and cheerful.a daydreamer.kind and caring.
possibility of being a bookworm.
fren:hey bernice!
bernice:hey wads up???
fren:treat me to a drink!
bernice:ok lets go to the bar....!

next day~
fren:yo bernice!!omg,ytd i went to the bar n tis hawt guy asked 4 my no.!!!!
by hopstepjump August 02, 2009
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Bernice is a cadillac superior royale tiarra limosine funeral coach. She's got a 4-29 V-8 Engine, offering 340 VHP at 4600 revolutions per minute. a 21 foot beauty with a 156 inch wheel base, containing a 4 barrel rodchester, quadrojet carburator. WITH turbo-hydromatic transmission. Bernice wieghs over 6,000 pounds. the infamous hearse from the movie "grand theft parsons".
hippie- meet bernice!
by lulu223 July 19, 2006
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