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a guy who always wants more and is always successful. Darvin is a rare name that's why all the girls love that name. people can call it darvi* or davie* Darvin is a good looking guy and is a ladies man. all the girls thinks that the name darvin is hot.
hey darvin (:
by ps33ddd October 16, 2010
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Verb. To be darvined is to be hit by a very slow pitch and forced to stay in the batter's box by the umpire because you didn't try to get out of the way. It came about because once this happened to a player and the pitcher's name was darvin.
You just got darvined!


Wow, Brian got darvined twice in one game!
by studbucket July 06, 2004
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The guy of all thots! Be careful tho cause he’s very likely to spank your ass!! And don’t forget anal is the best policy and also he likes it deep.... he also believes that Kiharu can make it go so far in that it comes out his mouth
Yo! DARVIN what’s poppin, what’s Gucci let’s get the van in the bad mans ass !!
by Darvinsathot June 18, 2018
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is a long hair blondish. usually wears Nike jacket. he looks asian.
look at darvin. hahaha
by chicken pollo February 14, 2017
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