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The annual St. Patrick's Day party at Colby College. Traditionally celebrated on the Saturday closest to St. Patrick's Day, students wake up at 4 am to drink green beer and other alcoholic beverages with their friends. Swallowing a live goldfish is also part of the tradition for some people. When the event was jeopardized by local police and school administrators in 2004, students rioted, causing over $20,000 in damage.
I'm so excited to drink for 24 hours straight on Doghead...I just hope I don't get written up by security.
by colbycaitlin March 16, 2007
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A Colby College event that celebrates St. Patrick's Day on the closest Friday/Saturday to the holiday. Students start drinking in the evening Friday and stay up all night (while drinking like champs) then watch the sunrise (drunk) and attend a special breakfast (even drunker). The drinking lasts for at least 24 hours and students wear green, drink green, and vomit green goldfish.

Viva La Colby
I have NO memory of this year's doghead! Lost my ID, phone, and my dignity at Colby College...
by TheStagMule March 10, 2011
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The annual st. patrick's celebration at Colby College. Students wake up and drink in the early hours of the morning. Some have even been known to eat goldfish.
"i don't want to wake up at 4am and drink on doghead"
by oyvey March 25, 2007
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Dog head
A mask of some sort that is available for purchase from a fancy dress store or other such sordid establishment. It resembles a dog and is worn for the act of sex (violent, coprophillic or otherwise). The sexual craze of the "dog head shag" was started during the first decade of the twentieth first century by dog-head fanatic and frequent mule molester Maisie Jean Denning. Denning was obviously a sexual pervert due to her grandfather's illicit sexual activities with a painting of large lips in the Ikon Gallery Birmingham. Denning would attack men of all shapes and sizes and force them to wear the dog head mask. Then she would copulate with the poor victim whilst forcing him to woof and referring to him as "JJ" or "Flash".
Denning's dog head fetish was sparked by an incident on a bus whilst going past a fancy dress store that had a dog head mask in the window. And also because Denning loves big red dog.
"Put on that dog head and woof like JJ!"

"If only there were a dog head like Flash's... I would not have any problem climaxing then"

GIRL A. "Jeez... you're the best sex I've ever had! No ones ever done the dog head so well"

"Dear Deidre, I don't feel like I am pleasuring my wife anymore, please help. cum2quickchris."
"Dear cum2quickchris, why not try a dog head? Girls go wild for that nowadays"
by jewishladyfriend March 17, 2009
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An individual, male or female, who is a chronic user of heroin. Usually associated with the droopy, basset hound facial features of a user.
"That dude is a straight dog head"
"That dog head ganked my 360"
by JackBandit69 March 09, 2009
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Used to describe a male or female (usually female) who literally has the appeal and facial features of a dog. Hence the word dog-head.
who let that dog-head out.
by verbatim April 08, 2005
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