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the bane of every godwarrior! to read harry potter books, or not to live at the freakin church! to be wiccan, pagan, or anything OTHER than christian.
youre all darksided!im a godwarrior!
by da trick biatch November 27, 2005
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Ungodly, Tarot Cards, Stars, Psychics, Zoologists, Demons, Worshipping Moons, Unchristian, This and That, You Didn't Pray for Me, Solstice Gatherings, Spiritual Warfare, Evil
Margeret, a god warrior, was so deeply disturbed by the Dark Sided presence that she rebuked the evil $50,000 check in the name of jesus.
by GodLessWarriorTM January 27, 2006
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Darksided refers to anything pertaining to the occult or evil. Individuals who dabble in darksided activity, such as using an Ouija Board, often face demonic possession and must have Christian priest perform an exorcism to treat it.
Cain: I heard Damon was planning to purchase an Ouija Board for the purposes of necromancy.

Luke: That is darksided. Sign yourself with some holy water and pray for him.
by ModernAristocrat June 03, 2018
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someone who is a huge queen with a larger than life personality and a fabulous wardrobe. Sexuality, race, and gender do not matter, although it is usually reserved for Drag Queens.
My costume for Pricsilla, Queen of the Desert, is sooo dark-sided.
by Trantasia July 14, 2011
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