The nickname of a terribly obese fucked up unit named Margaret who appeared on the show Trading Spouses. A self-proclaimed devout Christian who got freaked out by the family she visited on the show, who were in her words "Dark sided" --but as she pronounces it "Dork Sided". She thought a dishwasher was posessed because it operated loudly, and imagined smells and tried to throw up for attention. Upon returning back to her own family after the spouse swap, she unleashed all her fury in a memorable and extremely loud rant in which she made a huge ass of herself--bigger than the ass she already has. After telling the camera crew to "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, IN JESUS' NAME I PRAY" and tearing up an envelope and claiming to not accept the money the show awards, she recanted and hopefully got that gastric bypass she needed to avoid that yokosuna-like arse and T-Rex arms.
I felt sorry for God Warrior's husband and children, they all seem nice but are victims of God Warrior's dementia as she belted out her lines "GARGOYLES, PSYCHICS, GARGOYLES, PSYCHICS, EVERYTHING UNGODLY", and "SHE'S NOT A CHRIS-TIAN!" I rebuke God Warrior's stupidity in the name of the Lord.
by cero2611 December 26, 2006
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