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the thirty minutes before nightfall, or the thirty minutes after night falls.basically the 1 hour time frame as it becomes dark.
i told david the party starts at dark-thirty.
by da trick biatch December 20, 2005
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It is actually o' dark-thirty. It is a military term refering to beinging somewhere before the sun rises
We have to go, we have PT (physical training)at 0' dark-thirty.
by Goldi December 21, 2005
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Something hicks from illinois say when they're referring to the time right after the sun sets.
Be home before darkthirty ya'll.
by AlissaGrace April 01, 2005
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Long past dark. Much later than after dark.
The sun went down at eight. We were out until ten. We were out past dark thirty.
by Ranger Wordsmith September 05, 2015
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the hour of the day that it becomes dark so it could be a half hour before or a half hour after it gets dark
i told bobby and jonny boy to be at my house to suck some little dick at dark-thirty
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